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westerns in bankok

it's just in my opinion,

1. they are very tall

2.they like open cafe and open bar..

3. they drink only beer with no snack .

4. they like sun...

5.looks like they don't care about other's eyes.
looks like they don't have interest ohter's matter.

6.looks like they aren't emotional people...

7.they enjoy today, looks like do not worry about future..

8.some of guy is with no hair....(in korea, man with no hair usually wear a wig)

9.western girls are generous about top revealed

when next travel, i find another something ,i will update that facts.....:)

wait ~

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memory of india

i went india delhi and agra...of course 2 years ago

so i wrote here is not representive all of india...just part of it...

india was..

1. it's hard to say, it's dirty :(

2.very hot and humid,

3.cow rambles everywhere..

4. On the road, everything is mixed and is rolling over and over..

5. people looks like tired...

i want to go india another part of it...not delhi lol

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memory about thai

i went thai ,not this year...about 2 years ago..

Thai is a goood place to do relax and have fun..

thai was...um.. :)

1. people is kind and smile. (for hook up people ? or just habit ? or because they are happy?
i don't know why ... any way it's goood attitude.)

2.people are laid-back and relax..... and hard to say ,some lazy . (because of hot weather ? i don't know)
and dog is lazy,too..( korea dog is aggressive and hurry up,too .lol)

3. air smell is like budda's temple smell almost everywhere.

4. thai people really like their king..so they sometimes wear yellow clothes.

5.car is very colorful...

6.thai massage is good :) i like it..

7.almost product price is relatively cheap..(these day is same ? i don't know)

8. there are many tropical fruits.

9.thai people admire white skin..( maybe i feel like that.)

10.In someplace, people do touting and fraud..(i mean not every thai people)
so be careful needed.

11. bankok is noisy and smoky..(because of capital city?)
sometimes i like it
sometimes i hate it.

12. thai people can speak english well..

13. tourism is very developed

14. vehicle is very various.( not more developing country , more vehicle exite.)
(example ,tuktuk :) )

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what are you missing about your nation when you travel?

when i travel other country , i am missing only about korea..

is korea spicy food. :)

Even though , i travel ,,,but hard to give up eating habit...

actually i dont like korea crowded street and noise people..

but actually every country have good point and bad point...

i am trying to see goood point more than bad point...

but i live in korea...so i can see well bad point more than good point..lol

it's irony...

bad point...um.........working hard and people are hurry up...

i don't like that point either...but i can't escape... before leave korea lol

any way.....

what are you missing about your nation when you travel?

i ask you :)

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[home made food]

grilled pig meat babequ

these day , i am shortage of protain..

so eat this..

this is popular and familiar meat.


grill meat with a little salt


eat with rice


grilled pig meat is a little greasy. so it is better that eat with chili source onion.


focus on grilled pig meat babequ

this is my happy dinner time.

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